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A Beautiful Dream

Today, I had the most amazing dreams of my life.

So, the dream starts like this. For some reason, I got a chance to go back in time. Probably, 15 years back. Now, I’m in the past and at my home. Everything looked so different yet familiar. The roads were narrow and quiet. Comparatively less noise on the street. Ah! it is a surreal feeling.

Nobody seems to recognize me initially. Including my parents but I convinced them somehow that it’s their son only, that their son came from the future 15 years ahead.

They were looking younger than ever. Man! seeing your parents younger in a snap is the moment I would die for.

Now comes the interesting part.

I checked my pockets and it turned out I brought my smartphone along with me and now imaging what would have happened? I could show their future to everyone around me. Everyone wanted to see their future self by snapping my phone.

Beautiful chaos, indeed.

Their happiness was obvious. My parents can now see their grandchild without waiting for 15 years, my sister can see her better half just like that, my grandfather realized that he won’t be around that time. Well, that was kind of a shocker to him. But that’s the beauty of time traveling. You get to see happy things and unpredictable things as well.

Trust me, I would be never coming back from that period considering the fact that I could re-live each moment once again for the next 15 years.

I could go on and on but these are the only part of the dream that I remember vividly and I don’t remember the climax exactly. Because that’s the beauty of dreams. You can’t describe them as it is. So, I would leave it up to your imagination.

But if I’ve to give the best dreams award to my life, this particular sequence would be my first choice amongst all.

P.S:- It’s the first thing I wrote after I woke up so that I can jot down everything I remembered from this dream.

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