Twitching Text

— I recently stumbled upon this sleek portfolio website of Maxime Heckel. It’s clean and minimalistic and there are a lot of small details and micro-interactions that make it stand out.

Strict vs Weak types in SQLite

— When you create a table in SQLite, by default it’s loosely typed contrary to traditional databases like PostgreSQL or MySQL. Now, allow me to explain what that means.

Three ways to impersonate a user in Laravel

— There comes a time when you want to log in or authenticate a user in your application manually. For instance, you have a functionality where admins can mimic a user to perform certain actions. Or you may just want to impersonate a user for testing purposes.

Nested Anchor Links using CSS

— Have you ever encountered a situation where you have an area, let’s say a <div> element, which is a hyperlink and you wanted another hyperlink inside that <div> element which should also be clickable?