Better help pages for commands in the terminal

— When you’re working with the terminal, you might have come across a situation where you don’t know how to use a particular command or what options it supports. In such cases, the best option that you have is to look at the help page of that command.

LocalSend — An alternative to AirDrop that works everywhere

— We have been struggling with this situation where my wife is using iPhone 12 and now that the internal storage of her iPhone is almost full, she wants to transfer all of her photos and videos to some other device to free some space in it. And since I’m using an Android device, AirDrop is not an option.

An interactive font changer in VS Code

— One of the annoying things about VS Code is that it doesn’t have a built-in way to change the fonts interactively. You have to go to the settings and change the font family manually. And if you want to try out different fonts, you have to do this over and over again.