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Hullo! Hullo! Thank you for stopping by at my creative outlet. I'm Amit (अमित/અમિત), a software engineer and tech blogger from India.

I obtained my undergraduate degree from the Sarvajanik College Of Engineering & Technology, Surat (Computer Science and Engineering, 2011).

I love exploring new technologies and playing around with them. My first introduction to the world of programming was in the third grade of high school in a language called Logo.

After university, I started my professional web development journey by building web apps using PHP and JavaScript. And have been doing it ever since!

In my spare time, I love contributing towards the open source community by creating helpful tools, doing photography & sketching, listening to some music which ranges from rock to sufi to Lo-fi, going around with my beautiful wife and friends.

I’m an avid foodie! I love to try out new cuisines and I’m always up for a good foodie adventure. I’m a big fan of Khaman, a traditional Gujarati delicacy and I crave it every few days. I’m also a big Butter Chicken aficionado.

This blog is a place to brain-dump things which I learn on a daily basis. It has been setup using Jekyll and it’s hosted on Cloudflare Pages. I’m using Reverie jekyll theme which I’ve heavily personalized to suit my need and taste.

Here are some quick statistics about this blog.

8 years

Of Blogging


Articles Published


Words Written

Every little design bit you see here is personally handcrafted by me. I did this over time. Slowly and incrementally! I’m pretty proud of making it from looking like this to how it looks like today.

My articles have been featured in popular newsletters like The Overflow, JavaScript Weekly, React Status, Sidebar.io, HeyDesigner, and a few others.

Apart from writing on this blog, I’ve also written articles for publications like LogRocket and Hackernoon.

I publish micro-videos on my YouTube channel about everything that I can/can’t cover on this blog.

Navigate to the /uses page if you want to learn what things I am using to get things done.

You can shoot me an email at [email protected] if you want to discuss something with me or just want to say “Hi!”. For any sort of business inquiries or advertisement opportunities, you can check out the contact page for more details.