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Publish now, fix later

Yes! this is the strategy I have been following for my blog for quite some time now. It has helped me publish articles frequently and it has suited my schedule quite well.

There are reasons why this strategy proved to useful for me which I will discuss in this article. Let’s break down the article title and understand how it works.

Publish now

If you want to be consistent in any aspect, you would need to produce/work on things frequently. So, for instance, if you want to blog consistently (which is the key to be successful at it), you would need to publish articles frequently.

And how would publish frequently? By trying to write each day without worrying about being the perfectionist. By not being a perfectionist, I don’t mean you should write crap and just hit the “publish” button.

You should at least attempt to put together something which is somewhat valuable to the end reader. You would aim to cover all the important aspects of the particular topic which can give the reader a grasp of the topic. That would be an initial version of your article. It would be not too deep, not too shallow.

You would only try to cover things that are necessary to understand the topic. You would leave all the detail and insights for the later version of the article.

Once the initial version is ready, you can safely press that “publish” button.

Fix later

Now comes the part where you would attempt to enhance the initial version of your article maybe 2-3 days later and call it version 2.

In this version, you can add all the details you left out in the initial version. Things such as structuring the blog post, inserting additional examples, images, references, etc., maybe improve the existing sections further on. Possibilities are endless.

And that is how you can essentially make your article just the way how you imagine initially. And that too without breaking the sweat.


There are several benefits of following this strategy:

  • Since you’re publishing things early on, the possibility for your post to be picked up by search engines would also get speed up. As opposed to the strategy where you would try to make it all perfect and then publish the article 2-3 days later.

  • You can plan things ahead of time as you don’t need to delay your schedule just to make things perfect.

  • Publishing frequently meaning you’re now producing more and hence your productivity gets increased. This also helps you avoid the daunting Writer’s Block.

  • Using this strategy, you not only have the quantity but quality as well as you are subscribed to fix/improve things later on.

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