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Why You Should Use JavaScript for Game Design

There are several different coding languages that can be used in the design of online video games. Per Code Digest, some of the most common among them are HTML5, C++, Java, C#, and JavaScript. Each of these languages has been used successfully to produce games, and each one can be used for this purpose even by a relative beginner (so long as he or she is willing to learn during the process).

Among those languages though, there are a few reasons we believe JavaScript to be the optimal choice for game design and online game design in particular.

Foundation Potential

The first reason is that as is noted in the Code Digest piece, JavaScript can serve as a good foundation for designers who might want to combine codes. Specifically, you can “effectively combine the JavaScript codes with HTML and CSS to lay the foundations for cross-platform game development.” This can be especially helpful for more advanced or involved projects that might call for functions from multiple coding languages. It’s a good reason to consider JavaScript as a primary language.

Device Flexibility

When we refer to the excellent online games that have been made with these languages, we’re largely talking about browser-based arcades, online casino sites, and the like. However, many of the same types of games are now available in mobile stores as well, and JavaScript sets you up with ideal device flexibility for this purpose. We just discussed the notion of cross-platform game development via combined coding languages, which is part of the equation. But as discussed in this article on detecting a device’s OS in JavaScript spoke to another benefit of using this particular language. As is discussed in the said post, JavaScript can help you to “set device-specific download links” based on recognition of which system a device is running. This lays a foundation for making a mobile-compatible game work on Android and iOS devices alike.

Casino Compatibility

We mentioned online casino sites as some of the platforms for games developed with these languages. And purely from a design standpoint, some of the titles in this category are actually among the most impressive browser-based games you can find today. Foxy Bingo showcases a number of them in a way that makes them easy to browse and observe whether or not you play — with games like Starburst, God Of Storms, and Raging Rhino Rampage representing the best of the category. And while not all the games on this site were made with JavaScript, it is a popular language specifically for the creation of casino games. This is worth mentioning because, for those exploring game design as a business proposition, browser- and app-based casino gaming is where you may be most likely to find opportunities to sell a design.

Available Inspiration

The final reason we’d point to JavaScript as the best language for online game design is the simplest: There are incredible examples of existing games, even outside of the casino genre, that can serve as inspiration for first-time designers. There’s a very nice list at JavaScript Scene that highlights some of the most well-designed web apps and games you can come across — some of which were designed at least in part with JavaScript. PlayCanvas, in particular, is highlighted by the author as the best JavaScript game he’s ever played – and it’s an excellent example of what you can do with this language.

Rest assured, other languages, and particularly HTML5, can also produce excellent games. But for the reasons cited here, we’d suggest gravitating toward JavaScript if you’re considering first-time game design.

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