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Best Ways to Learn How to Code

Any new beginning is always a challenge. When it comes to learning how to code, many individuals back off simply because it looks not-so-easy to understand the programming principles at the first sight.

Luckily there are many resources available on the internet that can help you in acquiring the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts of programming. Therefore here are some of the best techniques and courses that will help you learn how to code in an effective way.

Choose a language you want to learn

It is very essential to select the right programming language once you enter the world of programming. Hence, it is necessary to join a web development course with an industry-vetted curriculum.

As every project has a requirement of a certain set of skills. For instance, to make an Android application, you have to know Java and for iOS, you should have skills in Swift. In case you are not sure which programming language is used for what, I’ve listed below the four most popular programming languages.

Here are some of the popular programming languages:

  • Java: The most dominating language, without which it’s hard to create mobile applications or fulfill back-end web development. Java resembles English as it’s relatively easy-to-learn. Moreover, developers are enthusiastically diving into other areas such as web scraping with Java due to the powerful libraries it offers. This showcases the versatility of this language beyond mobile and web development. Also, with the demand for Java increasing significantly the vacancies for newbies in organizations have increased.
  • Python: The second most valuable language that has a great number of use cases. Recently, it’s mostly been used in data analysis projects.
  • PHP: The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. PHP is mainly used for developing web based software applications.
  • Ruby: Do you dream to become a web developer? If so, then Ruby is an excellent choice for you. It is gaining popularity and is important for smooth coordination of all the elements that are working in the background of the newly launched website.
  • HTML: Ideal for individuals who are just about to start as HTML is simple to understand. It is used in front-end web development.

Learn to code online

Have you made your choice with a programming language? If yes then I’ve compiled some of the finest programming platforms that can assist you in comprehending coding from zero levels.

Best coding platforms for you

  • The course of Java Programming for Beginners by CodeGym is a great way to master the concepts of Java. 1200+ tasks for you that are checked instantly by an online validator, showing you the improvement report. The other great possibility of this website which you should embrace is that you can create a new game of your own style.
  • Intellipaat’s SQL certification program help professionals learn how to manage database solutions and their operations. This program will provide you the opportunity to get trained by Microsoft-certified experts. They are several other courses provided by Intellipaat which can be explored.
  • Upskill: HTML, CSS, Ruby, Gits, or Bootstrap — all these topics are introduced here. It is a Boot Camp where you will be required to build DevMatch, a fictional startup with features that are found in platforms like Dropbox and Facebook.
  • Learn the Python language by doing interactive coding tasks and watching tutorials created by advanced developers.
  • Laracasts: Learn everthing related to PHP and Laravel from master PHP developers.

YouTube channels to learn code online

  • Watch the educational videos made by Will Stern about various web development concepts.

  • thenewboston: If you want to learn how to develop a game, learn the concepts of programming, or gain knowledge about designing; you will find everything here. This channel has two million-plus subscribers and more than 4000 videos.

  • ProgrammingKnowledge: An ideal program for beginners as it shows step by step tutorial about how to code various programs from scratch.

Write your own programs

After completing some online courses and gaining sufficient knowledge, it is time to bring the information you have learned into the real world. Start creating programs that you need in your everyday life.

So wisely choose the project that interests you the most and that can be created using the language that you have just learned. It’s significant to find a project which you like because the only way to stay motivated is doing what you really enjoy. It’s better if you start with mini-projects for beginners and proceed to the more advanced ones.

If you are learning Java then you can go for developing a currency converter, simple banking application, or ATM interface. In case you are mastering Python, try to create a text-based adventure game or a Tic-Tac-Toe game. For HTML learners, I’d suggest creating your own portfolio page or if you want to develop something more interesting then try to code the restaurant website.

All those project ideas will perfect showcases to present to your future employee.

Wrap up

The emergence of online learning platforms has made it easy to learn any programming language from any part of the globe. You can enroll in your favorite course or understand the fundamentals of coding by watching some of the popular programming YouTube channels.

After completing the theoretical part make sure you bring acquired knowledge into everyday life. Start with creating the most basic Android app or by developing a website and gradually move to complex tasks. The practice is the basic key to become a prosperous programmer one day.

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