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How to detect fullscreen mode using CSS

Recently, I needed to change some design elements of a site when the site is in the fullscreen mode. So, I was looking for a way to it using CSS as all I wanted to change was hiding some stuff when in the fullscreen mode.

And that’s when I came across this CSS media feature display-mode which can be used to test the display mode of an application.

This feature would work just like any other media query. Meaning, the display-mode would be anything among these options. Mainly fullscreen, standalone, minimal-ui, and browser. The different option has a different aspect to it.

The fullscreen option, as its name suggests, would detect if the device is in the fullscreen mode, and based on that you can apply or alter some CSS. Here’s how you can write this media query.

@media all and (display-mode: fullscreen) {
  /* every CSS goes here that you want 
  to apply or alter in the fullscreen mode*/

For instance, if you want to change the body color when the application goes into the fullscreen mode, you can do it like so.

@media all and (display-mode: fullscreen) {
  body {
      background-color: lightpink;

Using display-mode in JavaScript

If you want to perform some JavaScript related weight-lifting when the app switches to fullscreen mode, you can use window.matchMedia() method and attaching a listener to it which will monitor the display-mode changes like so.

window.matchMedia('(display-mode: fullscreen)')
  .addListener(({ matches }) => {
    if (matches) {
        // Apply fullscreenmode mode related changes
    } else {
        // Remove fullscreenmode mode related changes

And that is how you can listen for the fullscreen mode event in JavaScript.

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