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How to install Deno on Ubuntu (Linux)

Deno, the successor of Node.js, is now stable with it’s v1.0 release.

Deno is a simple, modern, and secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that uses V8 and is built in Rust. Here are some of its highlighting features.

  • Secure by default. No file, network, or environment access (unless explicitly enabled).
  • Supports TypeScript out of the box.
  • Ships a single executable (deno).
  • It has built-in utilities like a dependency inspector (deno info) and a code formatter (deno fmt).
  • It has a set of reviewed (audited) standard modules that are guaranteed to work with Deno.
  • Scripts can be bundled into a single javascript file.

Looking at all these features, it was pretty tempting for me to try it out, and now that it’s stable, why not? Let’s jump into it.

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Installing Deno on Ubuntu 18.04

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 as my primary OS and I have got Homebrew installed on it. So, I’ve tried installing Deno first using Homebrew…

$ brew install deno 

But unfortunately, I ended up with the following error which is an existing issue with Homebrew itself.

deno: macOS is required.
Error: An unsatisfied requirement failed this build.

So, I had to switch to another way which was using curl. I ran the following commands.

$ cd ~
$ curl -fsSL | sh

And that has successfully installed Deno…

Deno successful installation

But there was still some work left. The issue was if I try to get info using command deno --version, nothing came. It was because, I haven’t specified Deno’s install path into the terminal’s .bashrc (or .bash_profile in some other Linux flavors).

So, I added following lines into .bashrc (which was there in the home in my case),

export DENO_INSTALL="/home/amitmerchant/.deno"

I saved it, restarted the terminal, and ran deno --version and boom… it has started working like a charm!

Deno version

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