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Laravel Ecosystem Jargon

Laravel, as a framework, has grown slowly but strongly since its inception and so is its ecosystem. The ecosystem here is all the packages/products that are built by the Laravel team which revolves around the original Laravel framework. This includes open-source packages and premium/paid products.

But the thing is all these products/packages don’t have obvious names and often confusing. You wouldn’t get the idea of what the package/products are for only by looking at its name if you’re new in this ecosystem.

So, in this article, I’m listing all those products/packages with its name and what it’s doing in simple terms. Basically, I got to know about this from one of Mohamed Said’s tweet this morning. And so I thought why not list all those under an article? So, here it goes!

First class open-source packages

Premium services

  • Spark - SaaS boilerplate
  • Forge - Server Provisioning
  • Envoyer - Zero-downtime deployments
  • Vapor - Serverless Laravel
  • Nova - Admin Panel

This will be a live document. I’ll be updating it as when a new package/product arrives or discontinues. So, bookmark this article somewhere for a quick look at this amazing ecosystem!

Also, let me know if I’ve missed anything in the comments below.

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