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Live reload local Jekyll site in browser on file changes

The other day, I was looking for a way using which I can reload my local Jekyll instance every time I make some changes into the files.

So, I dig through the following --help command hoping to find if something in-built is there or not,

$ jekyll serve --help

And fortunately, there was an option called -l (or --livereload) which can do exactly the same as I wanted which is to detect file changes and live reloading the browser instance.

As you may guess, all we need to do is append the -l option to jekyll serve command like so.

$ jekyll serve -l

And it will automatically reload your local Jekyll site in the browser every time you make changes in files.

You can further couple the -o (or --open-url) option which will launch your site in your browser automatically.

$ jekyll serve -l -o

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