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Mass setting strict types to true using Laravel Pint

Laravel Pint is a handy little package that helps you fix PHP code style in a Laravel project. On top of fixing code style, you can also set some rules and simplify repetitive tasks using this package.

For instance, today I learned, if you want to set the strict_types directive to true in all your PHP files to enforce strict types, you can do so using Laravel Pint.

All you need is to create a pint.json file in the root of your Laravel project and set declare_strict_types to true under the rules key like so.

    "preset": "laravel",
    "rules": {
        "declare_strict_types": true

Once done, you can run the pint command and specify the path in which you want to add declare(strict_types=1); at the top of all your PHP files.

./vendor/bin/pint app/

Here’s what it looks like in action.

Laravel Pint Strict Types Rule

And this is where it will add the declare(strict_types=1); directive in all your PHP files.

Laravel Pint adding declare(strict_types=1) in PHP files

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