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Plural strings based on the count in Laravel

Working with strings can prove to be tricky in some scenarios. For instance, when building a cart for an eCommerce website, you may need to show the string “item” in singular/plural form based on how many items are there in the cart.

You may resort to using it like so and be done with it. ⟶ “item(s)”

But luckily, if you’re working with Laravel, doing something like this is pretty easy.

So, if we want to display the string “item” in singular/plural based on the item count, here’s how we can do it using the plural helper method.

use Illuminate\Support\Str;

$itemCount = 1;
$cartItems = Str::of('item')->plural($itemCount);
// item

$itemCount = 5;

$cartItems = Str::of('item')->plural($itemCount);
// items

This can even process complex strings whose plural forms are somewhat unconventional.

$plural = Str::of('child')->plural(2);
// children
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