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Tech Podcasts I've listened to in 2019

Podcasts are a great way to listen to the people you like who talk about the things they are specialized in. I’ve recently started listening to a handful of technology and non-technology podcasts on Google Podcasts while my commute to office and back. I’m going to compile down all the best tech podcasts that I’ve subscribed to and listen to daily.

The Laracasts Snippet

This is a podcast from the creator of Laracasts none other than Jeffery Way where he talks about different aspects of web development in each episode. His style of explaining things in simple words and to the point always makes me anticipate a new episode from this podcast. Truly one of the best web development podcasts out there.

Laravel Snippet

This particular podcast is run by the creator of Laravel, Taylor Otwell. He gives details regarding behind the scenes of Laravel, what goes into the product that Laravel is, his motivation behind running perhaps the best PHP framework of all time and many unheard stories related to Laravel in each of its episodes.

Full Stack Radio

A podcast for developers interested in building great software products by Adam Wathan. In every episode of the podcast, Adam Wathan is joined by a guest to talk about everything from product design and user experience to unit testing and system administration. The topics range from frontend development to how to deploy a serverless app. If you’re a full-stack developer or not, subscribing to this podcast would give you the idea of the umbrella of things about web development in general.

No Plans To Merge

This podcast is hosted by Caleb Porzio and Daniel Coulbourne where they talk about their daily scenarios and struggles which they face as working web developers as apparently their tagline is “Real-life code talk between two working developers.”

Their topic ranges from discussing various tips and tricks they incorporate into their web apps to giving an in-depth overview of their open source project called LiveWire. What I like most about this podcast is their talk feels intriguing, informative and fun at the same time. Even though it’s tech podcasts, they always try to put some humor elements so you don’t get bored. Definitely subscribe to it if you’re looking for a fun sounding tech podcast.

JAMstack Radio

This podcast is all about JAMstack related stuff. The show features various hosts from all sort of backgrounds(mostly frontend) who talks about things such as how to enhance your JAMstack app, adding Auth to the app, adding multi-language support, JAMstack performance and so on.

If you’re into building JAMstack apps, you shouldn’t miss subscribing to this podcast.


This particular podcast is relatively new with its first episode out on 19th September 2019. The podcast deals with rather general topics related to software engineering such as comparing two frameworks, comparing agile methodologies, choosing version control systems and so on. They cover the hard and soft skills you need for a sustainable and rewarding career in tech… at any stage of your career.

While their frequency of releasing new episodes is less, their every episode is of high quality. The podcast is hosted by Mayuko Inoue, if/else is an original podcast from, the makers of The Ops Platform.

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