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The artisan about command in Laravel 9.x

Recently, a minor release for Laravel 9.x has introduced many new features that mostly include the revamp/fresh new look of Artisan commands. This includes commands to handle migrations to clearing caches to handling queues.

But there’s one Artisan command that has been introduced in this release for the first time. And that is the artisan about command.

$ php artisan about

Essentially, the command shows you an “at a glance” information about your Laravel application.

The entire information is divided mainly into three parts: Environment, Cache, and Drivers. You may see additional sections if you’re using premium services such as Laravel Spark and Laravel Vapor.

Here’s what it looks like!

As you can tell, the various information this command shows are self-explanatory. We get everything we wanted like application name, environment, Laravel version, PHP version, and so on. This is pretty nice since we get to know about everything using a single command.

We also get to quickly check on various caches and drivers the application has been using.

Good stuff!

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