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The fluent data helper in Laravel

When working with Laravel, you might need to manipulate data in various ways. For instance, when your data is a multi-dimensional array, you might need to filter, sort, or map the data to get the desired result.

Let’s say you have the following multi-dimensional array.

$data = [
    'user' => [
        'name' => 'Amit',
        'address' => [
            'city' => 'Surat',
            'state' => 'Gujarat',

The good ol’ collect helper

We can use the collect helper to convert this array into a collection and then use the data method to manipulate the data.

Here’s how you can get the user’s name from the above array using the collect helper.

$filteredData = collect($data)->data('user')['name'];
// Output: Amit

Or, you can get the user’s city using the same method.

$filteredData = collect(collect($data)->data('user'))->pluck('address')['city'];

While this will get the job done, it’s not very readable.

That’s where this fluent helper shared by Philo Hermans comes in.

The fluent data helper

Philo Hermans shared a fluent data helper that allows you to manipulate multi-dimensional arrays in a more readable way.

This helper is now part of the Laravel core as of Laravel 11.2.0.

Here’s how the helper looks.

if (! function_exists('fluent')) {
    function fluent($data): \Illuminate\Support\Fluent
        return new \Illuminate\Support\Fluent($data);

As you can tell, the helper uses Laravel’s lesser-known Illuminate\Support\Fluent class under the hood to manipulate the data.

So, you can use this helper to manipulate the data like so.

$filteredData = fluent($data)->get('');
// Output: Amit

Or, you can get the user’s city using the same method.

$filteredData = fluent($data)->get('');

You can even use methods like toJSON fluently.

$jsonData = fluent($data)->get('user.address')->toJSON();
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