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The native ad blocker in Chrome you don't know about

You must have come across websites which have gone overboard in terms of number of advertisement on them. Let’s face it. Ads make user’s experience not so pleasurable and if they are over the top you might want to leave it as soon as possible. Possible solution to mitigate this is to install Adblocker extensions and get rid of ads but what if I tell you there’s an ad blocker built right into Chrome deep inside? Well, it’s not straight forward one but if you want a quick “Ad-blocker”, it can get you covered.

To get to this ad-blocker, first you need to open the DevTools of Chrome. Then hit the three dot button on the top right of the DevTools which will open up menu like the screenshot below.


Now, open Setting from it, and select Preferences from the left sidebar.


Scroll a little and you’ll find Network > Force ad blocking on this site and there you have it! Just check that checkbox and all the Ads on that webpage should be gone. But there’s a condition to it. This will work as long as the DevTools is opened for the website. So, you might have got it. It’s not a full-fledged ad blocker. You can use it as a “ready-to-go” ad blocker available to you everytime when you need it. Handy for quick testing without additional overload of extension stuff.

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