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The new freshly designed exception page in Laravel 11

The attention to detail in everything that Laravel’s core team does is truly inspiring. Be it the clean code, the well-thought-out architecture, the thoughtful design decisions, or even the symmetry in the 3-line code comments, everything seems to be in the state of zen.

One such area is the UI of the pages that the framework comes with. For instance, the default welcome page, login/register pages, dashboard page, and so on.

Recently, the default exception page in Laravel 11 has gotten a major design overhaul. The page has become more minimal, clean-looking, and pleasing to the eye.

You get a handy toggle collapse vendor files in the backtrace, and the code blocks get a lot more focus with nicer syntax highlighting.

Laravel 11 Exception Page Dark Mode

The light theme looks stunning as well!

Laravel 11 Exception Page Light Mode

At first, I wasn’t able to make it work even though I updated my app to the newest Laravel 11 release. After some debugging, I found that I had spatie/laravel-ignition installed and the default exception page was being overridden by the package.

So, I removed the package and Laravel’s default exception page has started working as expected.

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