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Why choose React Native for your business?

No matter what field your business is in, having a mobile application to improve your customer’s engagement and experience helps it immensely.

A mobile application does not only make your products, services, or information readily available to your existing as well as potential customers, it also gives you a platform to communicate with them and ask them for their suggestions based on which you can improve your production and performance.

However, one of the most common struggles amongst business owners is to figure out which frameworks they must build their app in. While there are several frameworks out there, React Native is the best one to make interactive and cross-platform applications with ease.

What is React Native?

React Native is primarily a framework that allows developers to develop and build native applications using just Javascript. Ideally, developers would have to use languages like Java for Applications that are based on the Android platform and Swift or Objective-C for applications of the iOS platform. However, React Native totally removes this requirement and instead, just uses one coding language to build applications for multiple platforms at once. More than forty percent of React Native developers out there in the field of mobile app development prefer this network over any other one, and there are solid reasons as to why React Native is their first choice. Here are some of the several reasons why you should choose React Native for your business as well. React Native puts way less strain on the budget dedicated to application development of these companies and allows them to spend on other departments. Today, React Native has become one of the top frameworks that developers choose to learn and build their applications in.

Faster and Cheaper App Development

Unless you have a developing and deploying team of your own, hiring mobile app developers can be costly if you do not do so cleverly. Choosing React Native as your app’s framework means that you will not only be done with the developing process quickly but it also means that it will cost you way less than other frameworks. This is mainly due to the framework’s support of reusing already existing coding. This allows you to have a cross-platform app in less than half the time it would take to develop an app with any other framework.

Developers are easily available

React Native is written in JavaScript which is a language that almost all the developers out there are familiar with. This is the reason why learning how to code in this framework is relatively easy. As a result, you can find an abundance of dedicated React Native programmers no matter where you live. Moreover, you can even outsource developers from overseas at a much cheaper rate without having to risk compromising the quality of your work.

Single codebase or code reusability

As discussed earlier, React Native supports code reusability which further reinforces the cost-effectiveness of this framework. Developers that you hire for developing and deploying your mobile application will not have to code separately for the Android version of the app and then the iOS version. Instead, they can use the same codebase they did for the Android one and use it again for the iOS one. This does not only save you a lot of time but your money as well. Moreover, developers can even use the pre-build libraries that React Native has and rid themselves of the tedious task of building code blocks again and again. With the reduced time needed for actually coding the application, developers can now spend more time optimising the app instead. This again results in a better User Interface and an improved user experience for whoever uses the application.

Cross-platform App Development

Nowadays, developing an application that runs on both Android and iOS platforms as well as Windows OS is the norm for business mobile apps. React Native, along with ReactJS, was built a few years ago by the social media company that is fairly popular all over the world, Facebook. The company first created React JS to improve its social platform. However, when they further faced platforms while creating and maintaining two separate codebases for Android and iOS, they decided to develop React Native, which solves this particular problem impressively.

Thus, with React Native, developers can write a code that is compatible with all these platforms, instead of having to write separate ones for each of these operating systems. Having an application that works with all kinds of platforms will allow you to target a larger amount of potential customers and get more exposure for your business.

Third-party plugins

To ensure better features in your app along with a faster and seamless experience, React Native supports third-party integrations which gets rid of the need for Web View functions.

The third-party plugins can be linked by the developers which will consequently increase the range of operations that your business mobile application can perform. This also removes the need for developers to code for days to write complicated coding blocks for enhanced functions. Instead, they can just integrate a separate plugin for it and be done with it.

Native Capabilities

A native application promotes high-quality features and a premium user experience. However, it comes at quite a high price which most small to medium business owners cannot afford. Native React not only gives your application native capabilities but does it so at a much lesser cost than other frameworks. This framework provides an impressive and downright unmatched user experience compared to the price it comes at. Your business application will inherit a native look and feel no matter what platform it runs on, be it Android, Windows, or iOS.

Apps run smoothly

There are lots of hybrid applications out there that run and behave like a web application in any and every operating device. Native React applications, on the other hand, facilitate a sleek and seamless user interface that hybrid frameworks will never be able to compare with. This ensures that the mobile applications you develop with the React Native framework will never lag and make the customer wait for it to load and instead run very smoothly.


React Native best serves the purpose of needing one codebase for two platforms. It effectively develops cross-platform applications for your business in less time and costs less money. Being under active development, a huge community of developers along with Facebook is constantly working on improving this framework and making it more proficient for everyone.

This suggests that if a developer cannot find a particular solution in React Native, chances are that in a few months they might find it. Following Facebook’s usage of React Native, many popular and significant companies have already started including this framework in their main codes. Some of these companies are Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, TikTok, Messenger app, and many more.

Many businesses, including the news provider Bloomberg, were able to create a new application in under five months, which is half the standard amount of time needed for app development, and so can you! While big companies use this framework for its convenience of development and features, small business owners are common users of this framework due to its cost-effectiveness.

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