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Best VS Code themes - January 2019

Editor themes are like wallpapers. You get bored of the current one and want to try out something new every now and then. You’ll think you’d settle down to one but that won’t happen (at least in my case).

You know trying out new themes is one activity I enjoy a lot outside of coding. I’ve done a compilation of some of the themes I’ve tried out last year. It’s new year, new compilation. Let’s get started.


Raijū is a Visual Studio Code theme inspired by Ariake Dark and Subliminal. Ariake Dark theme, from which it got inspired, is a syntax theme inspired by Japanese traditional colors and the poetry composed 1000 years ago.

I liked it mainly because of the selection of colors it has. Mainly containing the shades of purple all around, it looks and feels excellent and also pleasant to the eyes.

P.S:- This is my current favorite theme.


Sapphire is a vibrant blue theme for VS Code. This theme has got handful of different colors which have strong meaning to determine different parts of the code.

  • Base color is light blue
  • Keywords and operators are blue
  • Classes, functions and member variables are teal
  • Function calls are yellow
  • Types are green
  • Strings are red
  • Numbers are orange

One of the great thing about this theme is it provides selections more clear by giving them distinct colors which stack upon each other nicely.


Noctis is a colection of light & dark themes with a well balanced blend of warm and medium contrast colors.

The theme is designed to:

  • be easy on the eyes thus reducing the eye strain
  • give semantic meaning to theme’s colors

Noctis comes in six versions. Five are dark and one is light. Among which, I’m using the one with the name Noctis which has got the very saturated teal color as the background. The theme supports whole bunch of languages such as C/C++, JavaScript, Objective-C, PHP and many more. You should definitely check this one.

Dark Candy

Dark Candy is a dark theme with pastel colors. What I liked most about this theme is the resemblance of it with Dracula Theme which one of favorites of all time. Although, it is similar to Dracula, it has its own identity which makes me come back to it more often.

Palenight theme

An elegant and juicy material-like theme for Visual Studio Code. A great theme with great reviews on the marketplace.


This is a pastel/candy/daydream fairyfloss theme for VS Code. This is a port of fairyfloss theme by @sailorhg. If you want to try something cute the other day, this theme fits perfect for such scenario.

…Although I’m a dark theme enthusiast, I sometime try out the light ones. Here are some of them which I like.

Hop Light




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