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Smartly auto-correct commands in Git

How many times did it happen to you that you mistyped a Git command and curse yourself every time you do it? I did. Many times. It’s annoying!

But we can change this behavior by setting a Git global config that can smartly “auto-correct” your mistyped commands! Sounds interesting? Read on.

The help.autocorrect global config

There is this global Git configuration called help.autocorrect which is when configured, Git will automagically run the nearest Git command in case you make a typo while running the command.

First, here’s how you can set this global config.

$ git config --global help.autocorrect 10

Here, the 10 is a decisecond (one tenth of a second) which signifies 1 second. So, when setting it to 10 means Git will give you 1 second to change your mind before executing the autocorrected command.

Now, for instance, if you mistype the command git bramch, Git will auto-correct the command and run it like so.

$ git bramch
WARNING: You called a Git command named 'bramch', which does not exist.
Continuing in 1.0 seconds, assuming that you meant 'branch'.
* master

Watch this in action below.

Revert the configuration

If in case, if you don’t want to use this configuration, you can revert it by using the --unset option like so.

$ git config --global --unset help.autocorrect

If you’re a visual learner, I have also got a YouTube for you.

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