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Check unless condition in custom if blade directive in Laravel

Laravel’s Blade::if() method already comes with the following directives in order to check various conditions in blade template files.

  • @custom - Checks positive if condition
  • @elsecustom - Checks elseif condition
  • @endcustom - endif condition

So, for instance, if you want to check conditions on the env variables in the blade file, you could do like so.

    // The application is in the local environment...
    // The application is in the testing environment...
    // The application is not in the local or testing environment...

Now, if you want to check if something should render only when the application in the “production” mode, you could do like so.

    // The application is not in the production environment...

As you can see, here in this case, we’re using an empty if condition which is quite an overkill.

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The unless condition

This PR, #30492, registers an additional @unlesscustom directive (a negative if condition) to deal with such kind of a situation.

So, using this, the previous example would simplified to the following.

    // The application is not in the production environment...

This looks much cleaner than the previous approach. isn’t it?

You can start using this feature starting from Laravel version 6.x.

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