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Best VS Code Dark Themes - 2020 Edition

Another year. Another run down of all the (Dark) themes for VS Code that I’m using in 2020. This time around, I’ve experimented with themes which are quite unusual but have vibrant aesthetics. I’m listing down all the themes down below for you to check out. Sit back and enjoy!

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This is a Cyberpunk 2077 theme. It involves all the color that the game contains in a very peppy manner. If you’re looking for a more funkier kind of a theme, this theme won’t disappoint you.

Spirited Away Color Theme

This theme is my absolute favorite as it’s inspired by one of my all time favorite movie Spirited Away. Despite the fact that the theme is based on a movie, it effectively blends in with different kind of syntax and doesn’t feel out of place. If you’re a fan of Spirited Away like me, you shouldn’t miss it.


There’s nothing special to say about this theme. It’s pretty low-key but that’s the main aspect of this theme. It has those low shades of soft colors which are higly functional. It’s highly recommended for those who don’t want hush-hush kind of theme and the one which “just work!”.

Hyper Term Theme

This is a HyperTerm inspired VSCode theme with vivid syntaxcolors and a pitch black UI. Preferable for all those who are used to the environment of the HyperTerm and who likes to work in a really dark environment like so.

Pitch Black Theme

Similar to the previous theme but this one have more cooler color and is pretty soft on the eyes. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to have intense colors, I’d recommend this theme over the HyperTerm theme.

Deepdark Material

I’ve liked Darcula At Night, it’s highly possible you’ll also like this theme. It’s looks very soft and doesnt hurt your eyes even if you code long hours.

Pop N’ Lock

This one looks like the Cobalt2 theme but have colors which pops out. If you like the Cobalt2 theme, you’ll most probably like this theme as well. The theme can really easily tell the difference between each part of your code, and is easy on the eyes as well.

And last but not the least…

Sapphire Theme

Sapphire is a vibrant blue theme for Visual Studio Code. The theme is perfectly designed for contrast and readability. Becuase it’s having light blue color as the backgroud and shades of blue for some of the syntax, it’s easy on eyes as well.

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