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I found the best native ChatGPT client for macOS

The use of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is indispensable these days. You can access most of the LLMs using the web interface or some applications can be installed on your computer.

The problem with these is there’s an extra step before you can get to the chat window. You open the web app, feed in your prompt, and then you get the response. It seems a bit of a hassle to me. I want something that I can effortlessly invoke, preferably using keyboard shortcuts, and start typing my prompt right away.

I was in search of something that could fulfill my desire and that’s when I found Iris.

It’s a nifty little ChatGPT client you can install on your Mac, grant some accessibility permissions, and BOOM! you got yourself a nice AI assistant that you can summon with a few keystrokes.

As you can tell, you can invoke Iris using a keyboard shortcut. By double tapping the ⌥ Option key to be precise. The one thing I liked about Iris is it feels like it’s a “part” of the operating system rather than a standalone app.

I’m currently using the free version of Iris which has unlimited Claude Haiku and an image capture tool which I suppose is good enough for me for now.

The paid plan offers you access to GPT-4o on top of everything you get with the free plan.

So, if you’re in the market for something like this, you should give Iris a try.

Try it out here → Iris

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