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A free alternative to GitHub Copilot

GitHub recently revoked my free access to GitHub Copilot. Essentially, since I’m an active open-source contributor, I was allowed to use it for free.

But for some reason, GitHub decided to revoke my access to the service. Maybe some glitch on their end.

GitHub Copilot

And because I was so used to the Copilot, naturally I wanted something similar in my workflow

And that’s where I found Supermaven.

It’s a free alternative to GitHub Copilot. Basically, they provide a free tier and it’s pretty generous.

There are minimal restrictions in the free tier and you can continue using it for as long as you want unless you don’t want the fastest LLM to answer your questions or a 300,000-token context window.

In my opinion, the suggestions given by Supermaven are on par with GitHub Copilot. The only drawback I could find currently is that the responses sometimes are irrelevant to the context and a bit too fast. But what more can you ask from a free service?

I think give Supermaven a try and see if it can replace GitHub Copilot for you. As for me, I would continue to use it until I hopefully get access to GitHub Copilot back once again.

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