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This GNOME extension lets you put text in menubar

Extending the GNOME desktop is a fun thing to do. And if you are a GNOME user, you can do it by installing GNOME extensions. I always try to install new extensions to see what they can do and how they can improve my desktop experience.

So, recently I came across this extension called One Thing that lets you put text in the menubar.

The extension is pretty straightforward. It lets you put a piece of text in the menubar. And that’s about it!

It’s handy if you want to remind yourself of something or if you want to put a quick note in the menubar.

There isn’t a lot of things that you can do with it and I think that’s the beauty of this extension.

Here’s what it looks like once installed.

One Thing GNOME extension

The extension is a GNOME version of another cool macOS app of the same name by Sindre Sorhus.

→ Install the extension here: One Thing

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