A little known artisan command that can inspire you

— While working on your codebase, be it developing features for your application or fixing bugs, we all tend to get a little bit demotivated sometimes in the middle of those sessions. Because after all, we are all humans and we all need some kind of inspiration every now and then.

How to prevent overlapping of jobs in Laravel

— When you are using Laravel queues, you might bump into the situation where you want to prevent overlapping of jobs that handles sensitive information. This could be to provide data integrity of important information such as the user’s wallet balance.

Deep copying objects using JSON.stringify and JSON.parse

— There are a lot of reasons where you would want to “deep copy” objects in your application. For instance, when working with React.js, you might have used the shouldComponentUpdate life-cycle method. In this method, you would determine if the component has the same props and state as it had previously by shallow or deep copying objects.