Attach, detach and sync many-to-many relationships in Laravel

— There exists four types of relationship associated between models/entities. And they are: One To One, One To Many, Many To One and Many To Many. We’re specifically going to talk about Many To Many relationship and most importantly attach, detach and sync helper methods that are provided in Laravel in this article.

Extending class behaviour in Laravel using Macros

— In this article, I’m going to discuss about the feature in Laravel using which you can extend the functionality of certain Laravel’s core classes without even touching the original codebase. Or in other words, adding methods to the class dynamically.

Reviewing Chernobyl - The HBO miniseries

— I'm not a person who watches this "series thingies" more often but there are some exceptions. I've been always interested in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that happened in Ukraine back in 1986 ever since I've been a teenager. Our textbooks have a little details about the incident but that was very brief.

Union types are coming in PHP 8

— In this article, I’m going to discuss about the union types which are going to come in future versions of PHP through this RFC. To understand why and how are union types important in PHP, let’s first understand what are union types.

Adding password confirmation on certain routes in Laravel

— If you’ve used some well creafted web application, such as GitHub for instance, you might’ve noticed that upon saving sensitive information such as settings or payment details, it asks for the password confirmation before performing the action. This adds the extra layer of security and certainly a nice-to-have feature.